Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility


a division of Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd. (Hyderabad)

Project Incharge : Mr. Amit Dubey
Contact No : +91-7067678811
Address : Madhya Pradesh Waste Management Project (MPWMP), Plot No. 104, Sector-III, Pithampur

Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility is one of the very important facility created and provided by PAC, under BOT Contact with M/s Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd., Hyderabad. The Government of India has sanctioned Rs. 10.32 crore for this project and BOT operator will implement this project of having total cost of Rs. 36 crore.

All the facilities built follow the international guidelines of a double composite liner landfills with leachate collection arrangements following the RCRA Subtitle C requirement for landfills. Wastes received are either land filled, stabilized followed by landfills or incinerated based upon the characteristics of the Waste. All these facilities are in compliance with the laws and guidelines laid by Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests.

PAC also undertakes waste transportation using completely mechanized systems where in waste filled containers are loaded onto the trucks using mechanical truck mounted cranes like hook lifts. These transportation systems are in compliance with the Guidelines enunciated by Central Pollution Control Board. The organization has successfully integrated imported cranes on Indian trucks thereby reducing human exposure to waste loading and unloading operations. The Present systems are best in terms of occupational safety and are at par with international norms.

  • Wastes Transportation:
    • Wastes will be transported in Specially Designed Containers
    • Imported Cranes/Hook lifts mounted on Trucks to Load and Unload these waste containers. High operational Safety and No Manual handling of waste.
  • Laboratory: Sophisticated High Tech Laboratory Equipments (viz., GC-MS, AAS, HPLC, CHNS) to analyse all the required parameters for chemical analysis of diverse types of hazardous waste.
  • Expert & Well-Experienced Laboratory Professionals.
  • Secured Engineered Landfill – Capacity: 50,000 mt per annum. Secured Engineered Landfill is Designed and built keeping in mind the local conditions to prevent seepage of waste into the soil. Landfill is lined with HDPE liners (2mm) with primary and secondary leachate collection system. The Landfill; well-known methods, complies with all the regulatory norms.
  • Treatment & Stabilization – Capacity: 20,000 mt per annum, Stabilization area will be having concrete pits and designed as a total mechanized facility to treat Hazardous wastes by chemical fixation, solidification, odor removal, extraction etc.
  • Incineration – Capacity : 20,000 mt per annum. Incinerator Technology from ALSTOM (USA). Rotary Kiln type Incinerator. Primary Chamber – 850oC, Secondary Chamber – 1200oC.
  • Comprehensive Fuel Gas Scrubbing System: Complete destruction of Wastes are ensured with latest emission control systems conforming to CPCB norms.

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