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At pithampur, a state-of-the-art automotive testing track will be set up on 4123 acres of land (provided by State Government) and with digital testing superstructure capable of sensing fine nuances of an automobile even white it moves at 375 kilometers per hour of speed. A large chunk of test toad relating to speed, brakes, engine, noise, crash, extreme climates etc. emerging in Europe and the USA is slated to shift to India with completion of this infrastructure. Once completed, this will be world’s largest homologation proving ground. Proving ground will have around 50 km long tracks of different surface types to test vehicles against varying terrains and stringencies. Tracks will have elliptical speed circuit on which vehicles with maximum 375 kilometers of speed would be tested, Proving grounds would be needed by all the three testing and homologation centres located in the north south and west for completing the homologation exercise. Around 400 different models of automobiles manufactured in India and abroad are likely to be tested every year in the initial phase. National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRIP), the largest and one of the most significant initiatives in Automotive sector so far, represents a unique joining of hands between the Government of India, State Government and Indian Automotive Industry to create a state of the art Testing, Validation and R&D infrastructure in the country.

The principal objectives include:

  • Creation of critically needed Automotive Testing and Validation infrastructure to enable the Government to usher in global Vehicular Safety, Emission and Performance standards.
  • Deepening of manufacturing in India by encouraging larger value addition within the country.
  • Enhancing India’s global outreach by facilitating development and mass production of high technology driven, affordable and globally acceptable Automotive products and by de-bottlenecking their exports.
  • Making available to Automotive Industry, within India and outside, a battery of high capability Product Development and Validation facilities for significantly reducing Product Development and Modification Cycle at affordable costs.

Description of Labs:

Tracks for Homologation and R&D for all class of vehicles & Components.

Centre of Excellences:

R&D Tracks, Advanced Vehicles Dynamics and Development of Tyres.


Approximate investment in the proving grounds would be around INR 434 Crores (USD 94.34 Million).